Morgan Winsor

Morgan Winsor

New York-Based Journalist

Breaking News Reporter at ABC News, with an eye on Africa. Previously writing stories for International Business Times and CNN.

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Open uri20160609 29736 msqjp8 article

Family of Boy Who Fell in Gorilla Enclosure Thanks Zookeepers

The family of the toddler who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday said the child is “doing well.”...

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Couple Discovers Hidden WWII Love Letters

When the Carters bought a a 1970s house in Pensacola, Fla., last month, the inspector told them he had discovered a stack of old letters in the original cabinetry....

Open uri20160609 29736 a4r0mm article

US Soldiers Recount Harrowing Descent from Mt. Everest

Two active-duty soldiers and a veteran reached the summit of Mount Everest, but not without some perils....

Open uri20160609 29736 15kjgk9 article

Suspected al-Shabab Militants Attack Mogadishu Hotel

A vehicle packed with explosives detonated outside a popular hotel in Somalia’s capital today, government officials confirmed....

Open uri20160609 29736 1aogjf5 article

Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles Found in Florida

Florida can now add man-eating crocs to its growing list of invasive species....

Open uri20160609 29736 kkb73k article

Key Witness in Stanford Sexual Assault Case Speaks Out

Swedish doctoral student Carl-Fredrik Arndt said he and his friend were riding their bikes through campus when they saw Brock Turner on top of an unconscious woman....

Open uri20160609 29736 ab1g44 article

Suspect in 'Purge' Killings Allegedly Inspired by Horror Film

A 19-year-old Indianapolis man is accused of killing three people over four days in what prosecutors are calling a string of murders inspired by the movie “The Purge."...

Open uri20160609 29736 l5gajb article

King Tut's Dagger Made From a Meteorite, Researchers Say

The material used in the dagger buried alongside the mummy of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun is of extraterrestrial origins, researchers say....

Open uri20160609 29736 6sz5ay article

Germany Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Outraging Turks

German lawmakers approved a resolution today recognizing the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War I as “genocide,” prompting immediate backlash....

Open uri20160609 29736 10kmz24 article

10 Athletes Named to Refugee Team for Rio Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) named today 10 refugee athletes who will compete as a team at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer....

Open uri20160609 4922 1nuekx8 article

Suspected Cop Shooter Dead After Standoff With Police

Fremont police said the man is now dead....

Open uri20160609 4922 1j3ml5o article

Bill Gates Launches Chicken Initiative to Tackle Poverty in Africa

Bill Gates has launched a campaign to help impoverished families in sub-Saharan Africa raise chickens as a means to fight poverty....

Open uri20160609 4922 1b152ff article

87-Year-Old Graduates From Utah High School With Great-Granddaughter

The 87-year-old great-grandmother turned heads as she lined up with the rest of Lehi High School’s graduating class in Utah this week to finally receive her diploma....

Open uri20160609 4922 wqvqhd article

More Than 100 Bodies Found After Migrant Boat Capsizes

The bodies of more than 100 migrants have been pulled from the waters after a boat capsized off Libya’s shores, a Libyan navy spokesman told The Associated Press today....

Open uri20160609 4922 dtpuyb article

Muhammad Ali to Appear on Sports Illustrated Cover for 40th Time

Every athlete dreams of gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated at one point in his or her career. For boxing legend Muhammad Ali, that dream is a reality 40 times over....