Morgan Winsor

Morgan Winsor

New York-Based Journalist

Breaking News Reporter at ABC News, with an eye on Africa. Previously writing stories for International Business Times and CNN.

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International Business Times

International Business Times

View all of Morgan Winsor's bylines for International Business Times, where she was a Breaking News Reporter focusing on Africa.

International Business Times

Boko Haram Targeting Schools, Teachers, Students Is Devastating Africa’s Largest Economy

Mercy, 15, remembers the day Boko Haram came to her home in northeast Nigeria last year.

International Business Times

Inside Congo's Rape Crisis

An international trial against a Congolese warlord is shedding new light on how rape is used as a combat strategy in Congo's mineral-rich east. It's also offering new hope for victims.

International Business Times

Ethiopian Pastoralists Threatened By El Niño, Land Grabbing, Population Growth Adopt Nontraditional Methods To Survive

For generations, smallholder pastoralists who live on the products of their livestock have used scouts, indigenous knowledge and “dagu,” or verbal exchange within their semi-nomadic communities, to find good pasture and water sources. But this traditional form of pastoralism is increasingly difficult to sustain in Ethiopia as rangelands dry up due to prolonged drought linked to the El Niño weather system.

International Business Times

Uganda's Bride Price Ruling Marks Women's Rights Milestone, But Clashes With Customary Laws

When she was just 14 years-old, Florence Abbo found herself trapped in an abusive marriage with no way out other than death. For Abbo, a young woman in rural Uganda, divorce or running away was not an option.

International Business Times

Child Malnutrition Grows In Malawi Amid Economic Woes

When Ian Maliseni arrived in a rural village outside Malawi’s capital last week, he saw young children with small, malnourished bodies bending over their swollen bellies as they frantically dug holes in the yard, looking for mice and bugs to eat. Maliseni, the founder and executive director of a local charity, Urunji Child-Care Trust, gave them fortified blended food and the children looked up with sunken eyes, thanking him and thanking God.

International Business Times

Can Angola's New Steel Mill Save Its Ailing Economy?

Angola’s first major steel mill, a $300 million investment, comes at a time when Angolans desperately needed it. But the government still has far to go to grow the economy beyond oil in multiple sectors by driving financial reform and spurring private investment.

International Business Times

Morgan Winsor

Morgan Winsor is a Breaking News Reporter for International Business Times with a regional specialization in Africa. She was previously at CNN, where she ......

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International Business Times

Amid Ethiopia Elections 2015, Obama's USAID Nominee Gayle Smith Slammed For Supporting Africa's Repressive Regimes

White House adviser Gayle Smith has a long list of credentials, but her nomination to run the USAID and its billion-dollar budget has drawn criticism....

International Business Times

Buhari Presidential Media Chat: Nigeria Willing To Negotiate With Boko Haram To Save Chibok Girls

“We are looking for a credible Boko Haram leadership that will convince us that the girls are here and alive," Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said Wednesday....

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International Business Times

Nigeria President-Elect Buhari Needs Military's Trust To Defeat Boko Haram, Ensure National Security

How can Muhammadu Buhari, who criticized the Nigerian army throughout his presidential campaign, restore national security upon taking office Friday?...

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International Business Times

FARC Commander Roman Ruiz Killed By Colombian Government Airstrike Hours After Peace Talks Resume

Sustained combat has jeopardized the peace process between the Colombian government and the FARC rebels in recent weeks....

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International Business Times

Did North Korea Really Detonate A Hydrogen Bomb? Live Updates On Nuclear Test Claims

The alleged hydrogen test spurred a cease-and-desist order from the U.N., doubts from the U.S. and calls for more sanctions....

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International Business Times

Guinea Presidential Election 2015: Curfew Imposed Amid Violent Clashes Between Supporters Of Conde And Diallo

Violent clashes have pitted supporters of Guinea's President Alpha Conde against his main rival, Cellou Dalein Diallo. The West African nation has a history of political and ethnic tensions....

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International Business Times

Saint-Denis Raid Videos: Watch Shootout Between Suspected Paris Terrorists And French Police

Videos emerged showing a dramatic shootout between suspected terrorists and French police during a Wednesday morning raid in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis....